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Vampire Most Wanted
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Kate Douglas
The Master Undone: An Inside Out Novella
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Crash Into Me
K.M. Scott
Fire on Ice
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Knowing Jack
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Shadow Town (Maggie Lane Chronicles, #1)

Shadow Town (Maggie Lane Chronicles, #1) - Robyn  Jones ****The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review****
Maggie is your typical nineteen year old girl, she manages the uber exclusive Pearl Estates that's owned by her alcoholic, abusive father and filled with people that she refers to as Shadows. There are a few regular humans who live in the community that she helps out financially by working in a skeevy bar because she refuses to touch her inheritance. Her life is turned upside down when a new Shadow moves in, then a waitress/friend goes missing, secrets from every ones past come out along with lies that change everything. What are the Shadows? Who took the waitress and why? Can Maggie figure all this out, deal with a new relationship and find the strength to get over the demons of her past? I absolutely loved this book, from the first pages I was hooked with Maggie's sassy sarcastic I don't give a crap exterior that hides this scarred girl with a protective streak a mile wide and a penchant for helping children. Maggie is different from the typical new adult/young adult heroine while yes most of the men in the story do lust/want her there is an actual reason for it, yes she is a beautiful girl with a good body, but she also has this great personality and is a fighter to the core. There are a lot of male characters in this story each one of them has a different and distinct personality that adds a little something to the story. My favorite ones were Damon and Branden, the love interest, and the best friend they were understanding of all Maggies quirks and just let her be whom she needed to be while at the same time offering her the support she did not know she needed. There is such a wide cast of characters in this book that I could on for a long time about each and every one of them; there are evil people, misguided people, crazy people, creepy bartenders, lots of Shadows, hot cops, teenagers and a sweet yet feisty grandma lady, plus more people each of them touched in someway by Maggie. I enjoyed getting to know all the different characters in this book, I loved how the author wrote them to have such stand out personalities that even as the story progressed you weren't confused, there could be a scene with half the characters in the room and I would not have to stop when one of them would speak and think "who is that again?" The beginning of the book was a bit slow because of the world building and then later on it slowed down again, I actually liked it this way because as I said before I liked the characters so for me it was nice to get to know them and then later on to see them be normal, well normal for them. My only problem with this book was the ending there was a cliffhanger, Ugh how I loathe the time between now and when the next book comes out, all I can say is Robyn write fast for the love of my sanity I don't even care if the book is edited when you send it to me just as long as I get my Maggie fix :)

An Inner Fire

An Inner Fire (Grayce Walters Series) - Jacki Delecki *The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review*
3 1/2 stars

Grayce is a bit unusual she, she has certain talents that allow her to help her help animals, when she senses an animal hurt while trying to find a parking spot and gets out to help she becomes a witness in an arson case. The more things start to happen, the more Grayce is sure there is more going on, and she needs to convince the hot fire investigator Ewan Davis. With the help of her friends and her gifts she tries to find something to convince him, the attraction between the two of them blazes out of control and Grayce is afraid for Davis's safety. Can Davis trust Grayce and believe in her and what they have or will everything go up in smoke? Yes, I know I used a lot of fire analogies summarizing the book, I'm sorry I couldn't myself. I was pleasantly surprised by this book in many ways, when I first started reading it I was a little bit bored because, for me, it started out with a bang then slowed way down, but once it picked back up it really took off and kept going. The mystery was well played; I had an idea of what was going, but the author kept things interesting and even though I did have some things figured out it, other things were still a surprise. Grayce was a good heroine she had initiative, and she took charge of situations, even when Davis was trying to protect Grayce and going all alpha male on her she still stood her ground. I loved the way the author wrote Grayces gifts, they are not over the top or really out there; they are presented in a way that seems almost plausible. Davis was a hot alpha male firefighter with a poodle named Mitzi, yes that's right a poodle named Mitzi; it's hard not to love a guy who would keep a dog from an ex especially a freakn poodle with that name. The romance was sweet with a hint of spice, if you like romantic mystery books An Inner Fire is one to add to your list

Unintentional Virgin

Unintentional Virgin - A.J. Bennett Indie Inked via NetGalley provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review.

I was going to DNF this book very early in, however; I was getting so much enjoyment out of my updates and finding gifs for them that I decided to stick it out and finish it. The heroine, Karma, decides to lose her virginity by going to a club and having a one night stand, she meets Jax and things spiral from there. Her childish attitude and antics were a little bit endearing at first, but after awhile they just became irritating. She was a twenty year old woman who acted more like a thirteen year old girl; she blamed her mother for things that were not her fault. Jax was a fireman/bouncer and the way he was described makes him sound like a hot alpha male who respects women; I liked that, but I felt that his overly emotional inner thoughts emasculated him. I loved the idea of them spending three weeks together doing stuff on her "bucket list" but when it came to that it wasn't real, Karma just copy and pasted from other people's bucket lists, she didn't even read what she put on there. They have a three weeks "cap" on the relationship, after they finally have sex, and Jax tells Karma he wants to be with her long; she breaks up with him. They eventually get back together after she has spent three weeks away from him, but at that point I just wanted it to be over, so I didn't care if they ended up together or not. In theory, this book sounds great the execution of it not so much.
Never Doubt Me (Judge Me Not, #2) - S.R. Grey Expected Publication May


That's just way to long to wait

Wish For You

Wish for You - Marquita Valentine I was given an ARC of this book for my honest review.
3.5 stars

Lacey has had panic attacks since she was a little girl, doctors brushed it off saying she would grow out of it, she has built a structured life for herself with a routine and rules. Her life has to change when her parents leave to go on a mission to Turkey; she has to find a new place to live and create a new routine. Her best friend Wyatt has always been there for her, she loves him but she has her reasons why they can't be together. Wyatt is a Marine veteran, a hero and everyone loves him, but he is hiding a secret he came back from the war with PTSD and he masks his pain in alcohol, drugs and women. Lacey makes him feel alive and helps him keep his sanity but with her pushing him away, he is drowning in his pain, can they get past their problems and find a way to be together? Wish for You is the fourth book in the Boys of the South series you don't have to read the other books first to know what's going on, but some of the other characters from those books make an appearance in this one, so it does help to read those to get some background info. I enjoyed reading this book, it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me and at times I was frustrated with the characters because they were hurting each other. Lacey had to have things a certain way, or she would have panic attacks; it was horrible, I felt terrible for her and I wanted to drop kick all the doctors who told her she would "grow out of it." She also frustrated me to no end sending mixed signals to Wyatt, I know why she believed it was best not to be with him but at the same time I thought it was cruel to mess with him the way she did. Poor Wyatt he was so messed up I wanted to give him a cuddle and make everything better, the things he did to forget about what happened were terrible but at the same time I can't blame him. A few times while reading the book I was a little bit taken back by the things that Wyatt said, I wasn't big on what he said during the first full on sex scene with Lacey, it did not float my boat. Other than some of the things Wyatt said and Lacey's back and forth, I liked this book and think it was a good addition to the Boys of the South Series.

Avenge Me

Avenge Me - Maisey Yates I devoured this book now I'm all kinds of depressed because I can't find any info for the second book :(


Tantalized - Nenia Campbell This looks all kinds of dark and fucked up
Twist Me (Dark Erotica: Heed the Warning) - Anna Zaires image

Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds - Wrath James White Sloppy Second was a recommendation from my girl Carol, I have decided to create a a new shelf for all the books recommended from her called Carols-Shelf-O-Horror. This book is a bunch of stories that are White's entries over the years at the World Horror Convention in the Gross-Out Contest.

The rest of my review is going to be done as a spoiler because I'm going to be using gifs and if you have a weak stomach you may not want to see them.

Morbid Obesity
This story starts with a dude who likes to perform oral sex on deceased big women, in the middle of him getting down to business she starts moving.....

Panty Pudding
This one is about a dude who used to watch his dad have sex with an old dilapidated prostitute, he developed a fetish for panties. Two points for me I learned a new word while reading this book, Mysophilia so Woo-Hoo! Years later Mr. I keep penicillin in my fridge because I'm not cool and I don't wrap my tool sees the old prostitute on the t.v. and finds the geriatric lady....

I did not read this story, once I saw it was a cannibal that worked at an abortion clinic I skipped it.

Felching The Worm
This story is about a a guy who believes that his wife's soul is stuck in his dead dog and has to sucked out the anus because that's what a voodoo priestess said, it was just plain nasty because their were worms, shit and all kinds of stuff...

Crackwhore Gigolo
So what happens when you mix a leper colony, a gigolo and Viagra? A surprisingly funny and yet extremely grotesque story of things that fall off at inopportune times.

Hurting Him
So this last one is the story of a guy who has, let's call them "issues" he was dating a girl and when his friend stole her then dumped her and she committed suicide he decides the perfect revenge is to take him, his wife and daughter then keep them alive for forever and pretty much torture them in the worst ways ever...

Cows: A Novel

Cows - Matthew Stokoe I can't give this book a higher rating than 1 star, it was a well written book but it is so beyond sick twisted and depraved it should have it's own freakn category for how fucked up it is. Several times when reading it I thought I was going to lose it, I didn't I kept going and posting updates, but an hour after it was done and I was sitting here thinking about it the gagging started and promptly tossed my cookies.

I can't recommend this book to anybody, ever! I saw the symbolism and got that the author was trying to make a statement and all that shit, but really HELL TO THE NO

This book left me feeling dirty and worthless, I would have given up but I had the misguided notion that somehow, someway, something was going to happen but it didn't and now I need a really long bleach shower and a hug.


Kin - Kealan Patrick Burke 3.5 Stars

In the backwoods of the South there is a small town long forgotten about where a family has been given free reign to carry out their God given mission to rape, torture and eat people in hopes of riding the world of the people who poison it. Fear of this clan has kept people silent, greed has kept the law away from them but one women will get away and Claire will change everything. Stumbling away from the place hurt, broken but completely beaten two men will come upon her, her friends who were killed have family and a broken soldier will feed his need for vengeance. The cannibalistic family will turn from hunter to prey and things will come back full circle when everyone decides it's time to return to the scene of the crimes. I picked up and started reading this book all because of a couple updates and a burning need to find out more about a Pizzle. I really loved this authors writing, the way everything is described you can see and smell every little thing. While at times it was absolutely disgusting, it really brought the book to life and it showed how utterly depraved this family was.

Claire was a strong character, I really liked how she went back to try and confront her demons so to speak. Pete the simpleminded savior was one of my favorite characters, he was just kind of there but he had his moral compass of what he believed was right and wrong. They reminded me a bit of Forrest Gump and Jenny.

Finch and Beau the vigilantes, Finch was just plain broken yes he was trying to get vengeance for his brother but it seemed like a part of him liked the violence. Beau was there to support his friend, he seems like the type of person that you could say so I'm going into Hell to steal from the Devil and he would say what do need from me? There were a few other supporting casts in the story but I don't think they really added anything to the story, besides Chief Chickenshit and all he did was piss me off and confuse me a little at the end. Lastly we have the family of hillbilly's they were a whacked out, dropped on your head several times and should have been shot type of family. The father and mother have taught the kids to rape, torture and eat people, they are getting rid of people because that is what God wants them to do.

I was pretty much loving this book only a couple things were irritating like Claire's sister she was bitch, no it wasn't scaring me because these types of books don't scare me then I got to the end and was like

The end took this from a four, four and half stars down to a three and a half it was so terribly anticlimactic and disappointing. Other than my own hang ups about the ending, this really was a good book and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a good gory horror story.

Dream in the Year (Love of My Life) - Melissa  Brown I don't know if I hated this book or I loved it I couldn't put it down, but at the same time I wanted to throw my kindle at the wall and then stomp on it like a two year old.
King - T.M. Frazier image

Unexpected (Woodlands, #3)

Unraveled - Jen Frederick image

I loved it!!

Full review coming on my tour date.

Alex's Destiny: 4 (Racing To Love)

Racing to Love:  Alex's Destiny - Amy Gregory *I was given an ARC for my honest review*
4 1/2 stars

Alex is the daughter of two great racers, she is the darling daughter of the racing world, she teaches at her familys racing school and has been in love with her best friend since she was three years old. Dallas is son of a great racer, a pro-racer himself and while he loves Alex he would rather push her away and let her go than mess up the close family friendships they all have. When things go bad, Alex is hurt and Dallas is the only who can bring her back from the dark pit she has sunk into, can his love bring her back or is he to late.... This is the last book in the Racing to Love Series, for me it was darker and the emotions were deeper and stronger than in the other books in the series. Alex is a strong woman, when the man she loves breaks her heart you can see her slowly start to lose her spark. When she has this life altering horrible thing happen to her Dallas finally mans up and puts aside his own fears and doubts to be there for her. Certain parts of this book hit me hard, Alex's love for Dallas then her feelings of not being good enough for him anymore, Dallas struggling with his feelings for Alex then his regret for not being there when she needed him. Everything came together wonderfully and as much as I hated seeing them hurt, it really brought both of them closer and made them stronger people. Alex's Destiny was by far my favorite book in the series and the perfect ending to the Racing to Love Series.

Delicious: Big Sky Pie #2

Delicious - Adrianne Lee *Forever (Grand Central Publishing) provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review*

What do you do when you find out that your parent is remarrying their spouse and your going to be step-siblings, again with someone you hated? You lust after them and try your hardest to fight it, Nick and Jane may not have liked each other growing up but now they want each other and they are getting together to try to stop their parents from getting remarried. Can they keep their parents apart and their hands off each other? I liked this book, Nick came off as a bit of a devil may care bad boy but I thought he was sweet, he just had a playful side. Jane had everything planned out, while yes I do admire that, after awhile her narrow mindedness and the hardline she drew started to get irritating. There were plenty of funny parts, there isn't any steam up your kindle sex scenes, the scenes that are there aren't explicit but you do know what's going on. I thought this book was a good read.

Major Spoiler & Why I gave it a lower rating even though I thought it was a good book

So I have this pet peeve and I don't know if it's a new development or if it's because I'm just seeing it a lot in books that it has turned into a full on instant irritation and star drops, but here it is


And I am really sick and tired of reading books where the freakn people don't on a condom and then they act all kinds of surprised when they get pregnant

In essence I rated this book so low because of this and because of Jane's stupid reaction.
As Jane drove to Nick's, her mind reeled back to the moment she'd seen the plus sign on the pregnancy stick, the moment realization struck, a 7.0 mega-shaker quaking through her. But now, she wondered why she'd been so stunned. Hadn't she told Nick they'd had unprotected sex that first time? She shook her head. To think her only concern was an STD."
WTF seriously all she worried about was an STD


Come on seriously