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An Inner Fire

An Inner Fire (Grayce Walters Series) - Jacki Delecki *The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review*
3 1/2 stars

Grayce is a bit unusual she, she has certain talents that allow her to help her help animals, when she senses an animal hurt while trying to find a parking spot and gets out to help she becomes a witness in an arson case. The more things start to happen, the more Grayce is sure there is more going on, and she needs to convince the hot fire investigator Ewan Davis. With the help of her friends and her gifts she tries to find something to convince him, the attraction between the two of them blazes out of control and Grayce is afraid for Davis's safety. Can Davis trust Grayce and believe in her and what they have or will everything go up in smoke? Yes, I know I used a lot of fire analogies summarizing the book, I'm sorry I couldn't myself. I was pleasantly surprised by this book in many ways, when I first started reading it I was a little bit bored because, for me, it started out with a bang then slowed way down, but once it picked back up it really took off and kept going. The mystery was well played; I had an idea of what was going, but the author kept things interesting and even though I did have some things figured out it, other things were still a surprise. Grayce was a good heroine she had initiative, and she took charge of situations, even when Davis was trying to protect Grayce and going all alpha male on her she still stood her ground. I loved the way the author wrote Grayces gifts, they are not over the top or really out there; they are presented in a way that seems almost plausible. Davis was a hot alpha male firefighter with a poodle named Mitzi, yes that's right a poodle named Mitzi; it's hard not to love a guy who would keep a dog from an ex especially a freakn poodle with that name. The romance was sweet with a hint of spice, if you like romantic mystery books An Inner Fire is one to add to your list