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Secret Designs (Secret Dreams, #2)

Secret Designs (Secret Dreams, #2) - Miranda P. Charles The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review

Ari and Dylan had a one-night stand neither one of them expected to have problems moving on. Now both of them can't stop thinking about the other one, Dylan doesn't do relationships for a good reason but now he finds himself wanting more with Ari. Ari finds herself wanting more with Dylan can he get over his past? Can Ari make Dylan see why she is really with him? This is the second book in the Secret Dreams series you won't be lost if you don't read the first book in the series they are stand alone books, but you do get to see what is happening with characters from the first book and it gives more background if you do read the first one. Secret Design starts out after the one-night stand between Ari and Dylan, so you get to see the fallout from what happened between but them not the deed so to speak. They can't avoid each other because Ari is best friends with Dylans brothers fiancee. I really liked Ari she was a strong woman, she was a clothing designer when she lost her job she tried everything she could to make things work. She didn't pity herself or say why me and she didn't want or need Dylan to save her, she worked hard and put everything she had into doing things herself. Dylan was a charmer without even trying; he just had this natural ability to flirt with women and everyone loved him. I understand why he had issues with trusting women, his inability to recognize what his feelings for Ari whether it was denial or self preservation were at times frustrating, sad and down right funny. I liked both of Dylans friends; they acted like jerks and treated Ari pretty bad but in all fairness they were trying to protect their friend, it's excusable. This was a great read with two adorable main characters and some naughty scenes thrown in to steam up the pages; I'm looking forward to getting my hands on book 3.