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Vampire Most Wanted
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The Master Undone: An Inside Out Novella
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Fire on Ice
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My Sunny Vampire

My Sunny Vampire - Stacy McKitrick Lyrical Press provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review.

Jack wakes up in an alley with a hangover, a newly turned vampire that's a doppelganger for his century dead wife and no memory of how or who turned her. Sunny doesn't remember who turned her either; the two of them have to find out who did it and if Jack was the one to illegally turn her the punishment is death. The attraction between the two of them makes things complicated when Sunny finds out about Jacks wife she runs, was it really Jack who turned her or is someone else out there trying to get them? Can Sunny see past her hurt feeling and beyond the betrayal to what Jack is truly feeling or will she let him go? I really liked the way this book started out it was a mystery with the whole how do make a vampire lose their memory. The instant attraction between Sunny and Jack was kinda creepy, I understand why Jack doesn't tell Sunny at first but come on she was his dead wife's doppelganger he definitely should have told her about it before they started making the two backed beast. Sunny's first experiences as a vampire were hilarious at times, she was clumsy and just downright unlucky. The other characters filled in some of the holes in the story, Frank and Carrie were a big part of this story, I hope they get one of their own. I figured out who turned Sunny pretty quickly; I would have liked this book a lot more if the mystery had been stretched out more and had been more focused on the relationship between Jack and Sunny versus Jack, Sunny and his dead wife. My Sunny Vampire was still a good funny read, I just wanted more from it than I got.