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The Werewolf Prince and I (The Moretti Werewolf, #1)

The Werewolf Prince and I (The Moretti Werewolf, #1) - Marian Tee I can't even express how much I really truly hated this book. Domenico decides he is going to marry a chick who works for him named Misty, has he ever met her, no! But he has done a thorough stalker background check and because she was interested in paranormal stuff when she was a kid he knows she will take it well that he is a werewolf, plus he is trying to get back at his father for something he said out of anger a billion years ago.

Misty the heroine is very weak willed, she lets everyone walk all over her and she cries all the freakn time.

There is some half assed plot about war and werewolves being assassinated, then all the sudden fairies and vampires are now in the mix but it's toward the end and it's not really explained all that much. The worst part is there is a huge flippin cliffhanger

Since I am a glutton for punishment and I can't leave shit unresolved like it is, I got to put on my big girl panties, grab the vodka and read the next book.