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Rome (Marked Men, #3)

Rome (Marked Men, #3) - Jay Crownover I was given an ARC of this book for my honest review

Cora is fun loving pint sized receptionist and piercer, she meddles in everyone else's lives after having her heart broken she only wants the perfect guy. Rome is far from perfect, he is finally home trying to figure out how to fit into civilian life. The two of them aren't what each other were looking, but they are exactly what each of them needs and they are about to find out that perfect is overrated. Rome is the third book in the Marked Men series while it can be read as a stand alone I would suggest reading the first two books to get the background on the other characters, and they are really good. Cora loves her boys, she loves her job, she loves to meddle and when she finds a perfect man she is going to settle down and have the perfect little life. Other than Cora being completely delusional because really nobodies perfect, I liked her she was a sarcastic take charge woman who had her heart broken. She acted like a complete idiot sometimes, but she had a good heart and once she loved someone she was ready and willing to do everything possible to help them. Rome poor Rome he was battling his own demons, at times he may have acted like a jerk but with what was going on in his head I don't blame him. There was one thing in this book that was a huge problem for me, but that was only because it has become a big pet peeve of mine that seems to be happening in a lot of books lately, I know that was vague but to avoid spoilers I'm just going to leave it at that, except to say yes it does have to do with sex in the book. Cora and Rome don't seem like they fit together, at times certain times it felt it a little bit the relationship was forced, and I didn't really understand what it was beyond circumstances that held these two together. I wasn't wowed and didn't get that whole these two people belong together feeling while reading their story. The writing itself is good, the story does pull you and keep you interested, and the sex is hot, it's just not my favorite one in the series.