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Delicious: Big Sky Pie #2

Delicious - Adrianne Lee *Forever (Grand Central Publishing) provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review*

What do you do when you find out that your parent is remarrying their spouse and your going to be step-siblings, again with someone you hated? You lust after them and try your hardest to fight it, Nick and Jane may not have liked each other growing up but now they want each other and they are getting together to try to stop their parents from getting remarried. Can they keep their parents apart and their hands off each other? I liked this book, Nick came off as a bit of a devil may care bad boy but I thought he was sweet, he just had a playful side. Jane had everything planned out, while yes I do admire that, after awhile her narrow mindedness and the hardline she drew started to get irritating. There were plenty of funny parts, there isn't any steam up your kindle sex scenes, the scenes that are there aren't explicit but you do know what's going on. I thought this book was a good read.

Major Spoiler & Why I gave it a lower rating even though I thought it was a good book

So I have this pet peeve and I don't know if it's a new development or if it's because I'm just seeing it a lot in books that it has turned into a full on instant irritation and star drops, but here it is


And I am really sick and tired of reading books where the freakn people don't on a condom and then they act all kinds of surprised when they get pregnant

In essence I rated this book so low because of this and because of Jane's stupid reaction.
As Jane drove to Nick's, her mind reeled back to the moment she'd seen the plus sign on the pregnancy stick, the moment realization struck, a 7.0 mega-shaker quaking through her. But now, she wondered why she'd been so stunned. Hadn't she told Nick they'd had unprotected sex that first time? She shook her head. To think her only concern was an STD."
WTF seriously all she worried about was an STD


Come on seriously