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A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre
Shane McKenzie, Bentley Little, Jack Ketchum, Joe R. Lansdale, Nate Southard, Wrath James White, Lee Thompson, Lesley Conner, Emma Ennis, Marie Green, Boyd E. Harris, Kirk Jones, Matt Kurtz, Steve Lowe, John McNee, Elle Richeld, Ty Schwamberger, Patrick Shand, Elias Siqu
Vampire Most Wanted
Lynsay Sands
Veronica Roth
Kate Douglas
Kate Douglas
The Master Undone: An Inside Out Novella
Lisa Renee Jones
Katy Evans
Crash Into Me
K.M. Scott
Fire on Ice
Dakota Madison
Knowing Jack
Rachel Curtis

Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds - Wrath James White Sloppy Second was a recommendation from my girl Carol, I have decided to create a a new shelf for all the books recommended from her called Carols-Shelf-O-Horror. This book is a bunch of stories that are White's entries over the years at the World Horror Convention in the Gross-Out Contest.

The rest of my review is going to be done as a spoiler because I'm going to be using gifs and if you have a weak stomach you may not want to see them.

Morbid Obesity
This story starts with a dude who likes to perform oral sex on deceased big women, in the middle of him getting down to business she starts moving.....

Panty Pudding
This one is about a dude who used to watch his dad have sex with an old dilapidated prostitute, he developed a fetish for panties. Two points for me I learned a new word while reading this book, Mysophilia so Woo-Hoo! Years later Mr. I keep penicillin in my fridge because I'm not cool and I don't wrap my tool sees the old prostitute on the t.v. and finds the geriatric lady....

I did not read this story, once I saw it was a cannibal that worked at an abortion clinic I skipped it.

Felching The Worm
This story is about a a guy who believes that his wife's soul is stuck in his dead dog and has to sucked out the anus because that's what a voodoo priestess said, it was just plain nasty because their were worms, shit and all kinds of stuff...

Crackwhore Gigolo
So what happens when you mix a leper colony, a gigolo and Viagra? A surprisingly funny and yet extremely grotesque story of things that fall off at inopportune times.

Hurting Him
So this last one is the story of a guy who has, let's call them "issues" he was dating a girl and when his friend stole her then dumped her and she committed suicide he decides the perfect revenge is to take him, his wife and daughter then keep them alive for forever and pretty much torture them in the worst ways ever...