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Pack and Coven - Jody Wallace Harry is a lone wolf who wants no part in being part of a pack, he likes going to the local tea room and spending his evening with the old women who work there. When the local alpha is arrested and sent to jail the alpha female comes to him and tells him they are going to force him to become part of their pack. June the “old lady” who owns the tea room who overhears all this and decides to do something about it. June has loved Harry for eight years but cant do anything about it because she is disguised as an old woman, so when he has this problem she sheds her disguise and helps him to escapes. While they are escaping various things go wrong and the attraction becomes too much for June to fight. June is a powerful witch, but she makes all these mistakes and she doesn’t seem like she is that smart. Harry is just blah, he seemed to fade into the background most of the time. I thought the book was choppy, the scenes jumped around a lot, except for when the couple has sex. The majority of the book focused on the few hours that the couple was in bed together, it was disproportionate to the amount of time that lapsed overall in the book. The fact that June was the woman that Harry thought of like a kindly grandmother made me uncomfortable. I did not like this book at all.