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I'm Watching You (book #3) - Karen Rose Kristen is an ADA with a tragic past, she puts everything she has into her cases and doesn't do relationships. She has just lost a huge case where a rich spoiled kid killed a pregnant woman, she knows his father tampered with the jury, but she can't prove it. Now a secret admirer of hers has turned vigilante, he kills criminals, judges, defense attorneys and leaves Kristen presents telling her where to find them. Abe has recently moved to the homicide division after spending years undercover, he lost his wife to one scumbag going for revenge and still blames himself. Abe tries to protect Kristen from the vigilante, criminals who think she know who he is and an overzealous reporter intent on destroying her. I loved this book; the characters are flawed but have deep rooted sense of what is right or wrong. Every time I thought I had figured out who the vigilante was, something would happen and it would change my mind. Karen has done a masterful job of keeping the suspense alive, she gives you little snippets of information and yet when the killer is revealed it comes as a huge surprise. I'm Watching You is my favorite book in this series so far.