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Sassy in Stilettos (In Stilettos, #3) - Nana Malone The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest reviewMicha is a controlling perfectionist who almost lost her life when she fell in love with the wrong man before now she works hard and doesn’t give in, no matter how hot Caleb Atkins makes her. Caleb is a security consultant; he has wanted Micha for years but has let her push him away. With someone threatening Micha and Caleb’s past coming back to bite him, Caleb is ready to push Micha and take the lead. Can Micha trust Caleb enough to let go and finally fall in love? This is the first book by Nana Malone that I have read and it was hot!!! The heroine Micha has such a take charge personality and I really liked that she was a fighter, her insecurities were understandable and the reasons why she was resisting Caleb were actually really well thought out. Caleb has that whole gorgeous guy with patients and an underlying sense of bad ass going for him; he was a very swoon worthy hero. The plot of was interesting, there was some mystery in who was stalking Micha and what was going with people from Caleb’s past. The love scenes were smoking hot; elevators, garages and couches oh my! I loved this book and will be going back to read the other two in this series.