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Shades of Blood - Samantha Young Review from busymomsbookreviews.comI stayed up way past when I should have been in bed reading this book, it was worth being tired the next day. I am sad that this is the last book in the series but honestly I think that if she tried to add another book withEdenas the main character it would ruin the series. Alright so this book picks up where the last book left off,Edenis training and patrolling to kill soul eaters. She and Noah are together, they both live inBostonin Cyrus’s mansion. The rebel Neiths are still afterEdenand they are trying to find out who is leading them. Eden and Noah’s relationship is going good and strong until old memories and people start to test their love. Darius and Cyrus are testingEdenby having Romany help with the Neith problem and she still wants to kill her for killing Stellan. October and Cameron come to Boston to not only find Octobers parents but also to get the piece of Cameron’s soul back that was stolen.Edenis pissed at Cyrus and Noah because she thinks they don't care about her or her feelings when Romany shows up at the mansion. They find out who the rebel leader is and kill the rebels. Then Eden and Romany disappear and leave the house in turmoil. She ends up helping Romany kill the soul eater who killed Romany’s family. They go back to the mansion andEdentells her she doesn't want to see her ever again.Edendoes not forgive Romany but she lets her hate go so that she can be with Noah. There is so much going on in this book, yet its not chaotic. The fight scenes are incredible the attention to detail is very good. While the story kind of ends with a happily ever after it’s not cliché or mushy. I absolutely love this series, the books are well paced and there is not a bunch of filler or useless information. The conflicts get resolved and it doesn’t end with everybody’s life being perfect. Again there were only a few spelling errors but they didn’t detract from the story. I would recommend this series to anybody who wants a good book that is not overpowered by romance or sex scenes. The story is a fresh change from all the love triangles and girls who everyone loves but there is no real reason why they should. The plot is well thought out and well executed.