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Residue - Laury Falter Review from busymomsbookreviews.comThis book starts with a girl named Jocelyn being moved from New York to New Orleans and finding out that she is a witch. The first day there she is sent to go get her school supplies and while she is shopping she meets Jameson. Even though there families hate each other due to various grievances done to both sides, they still like each other. Problems arise and the fighting escalates, at the same time other people who govern the witches start to invadeNew Orleansand secrets start coming out. I had problems with the main characters. I thought that Jocelyn was too insecure about herself. I think that Jameson was a little bit of a pushover. My main problem with this book was that it is marketed as a young adult novel and it seemed more like a pre-teen book. The characters seemed to have the maturity level of middle schoolers and the book was sort of choppy. After I got done reading the book I didn't feel like anything had really happened that couldn't have happened in a couple chapters. I liked the premise of the book and the author obviously put a lot of thought into it. If I had picked up this book as a pre-teen novel I would have liked it more, I expected more out of the book because of the genre it was put in.