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Kate Douglas
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Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison Pias mother taught her to lay low, don't attract attention, always run and never ever tell anyone anything about you. When Pias mother dies and she gets lonely she tells her boyfriend some things that she shouldn't have, after they break up he blackmails her into stealing something. She has to something from Dragos the oldest, strongest and scariest wyr and now the chase is on. Pia runs away and Dragos follows her and when he catches her, he decides to keep. Pia has to figure out if she can trust Dragos with all her secrets, while Dragos has to figure out how to deal with Pia being independent so they can be together. That’s if their enemies don't kill them first. I absolutely love the world that Harrison created in this book; her descriptions of the surrounding were very vivid. When she described the smell of the people and dungeon I was wrinkling my nose at just the thought of it. The heroine was strong and didn't wait to be rescued but she allowed the hero to take care when she knew she needed. Her sense of humor had me laughing entire book, even in the tense situations. The hero was a big alpha male who always got his way and it was funny to see him stumbling around and trying to figure out what was going. They are complete opposites yet they make it work, the secondary characters add depth and conflict into the story. The plot is good and the writing is smooth and the pace of the story is just right. I love the story of Pia and Dragos and hope to see them again.