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When You Dare - Lori Foster Molly was kidnapped and she doesn't know who did it or why. She hires Dare to find out who wants her to disappear. Dare tries to find out who is after Molly and keep her safe because she means more to him than just a job. The more Molly finds out about the people around her the more lost she feels. While Dare is her anchor she has to find out if she can really trust him and her own feelings. Molly is a strong heroine, even when she is in bad situations she takes charge and is always thinking of a way out. She is a writer and speaks her mind. Dare is a big muscled mercenary, when he gets involved with Molly he puts everything he has into keeping her safe. The book had me interested from the beginning; I stayed up all night reading so I could find out what was going on. When I thought I knew who did it, something else would happen and I would change my opinion. I loved the book, the suspense kept me interested and the love story had me rooting for the couple. I will be keeping this as one of my go to reads.