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Phase - E.C. Newman Sophie is the good girl, she gets good grades, goes to church and never gets into trouble. When Juliet the new girl gets harassed by Summer Sophie steps in and she gets punched in the face by Summer. Sophie and Juliet start to become friends and when Sophie stay the night at Juliets adoptive parents house with her long time crush Ezra she starts to notice some odd things. When she and Juliet get into a fight and Sophie goes to the Vardens house she walks into the room just as Juliet is turning into a wolf. Now Sophie and Juliet both know the secret and the other wolves are ready to kill to keep it. Just as things are going well with Juliet and Ezra is starting to get closer to Sophie, somebody starts sabotaging the wolves and trying to frame Sophie for it. Juliet abandons her and so does Ezra, now Sophie has to find out who is really doing it or the alpha is going to kill her. I thought this book was more for the eleven to fourteen crowd, Sophie’s perfection is a little bit annoying and her constant need to make sure people are not mad at her makes her seem like she is trying too hard. Juliet is surprisingly normal, well as normal as a foster kid who changes into a wolf can be. Ezra is the typical teen age boy, he character didn’t really stand out to me. Gil one of the secondary characters in the book, stood out the most for me. He was nice and funny, Gil was the most unique character in the book. The book itself was ok, but the lackluster characters made it a little blah for me. There wasn’t really anything special about it that made the book stand out from all the other shifter books. Phase is the first book in a new series and because the writing itself was good, I will be reading the second book, hopefully the characters will have grown a little bit and will have more depth.