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Charity Moon (Charity, #1) - DeAnna Kinney Charity lost her father and soon after her mother marries a man who makes her mom happy, but every night he tries to get into Charitys room. She doesn’t trust me, she doesn’t date and she doesn’t let anybody know what her life is really like. Levi transfers to Charitys school and when he sees Charity he wants her. Charity doesn’t know why she wants Levi and she is determined to stay as far away from him as possible. Then the other students start to transfer and they all hang out with Levi. Charity and her friend want to find out what is going on, when they spy on Levi they end up find out that Levi and all the transfers are werewolves and Levi wants Charity for his mate. Charity has to decide if she can trust Levi and really love him. While they are trying to figure out their relationship other people are trying to keep them apart and more than one person wants Levi dead. These people same people want Charity for themselves. Charity is a spitfire, she sticks up for herself and doesn’t care what other people think about her, but she has a deeply hidden soft side that only comes out when she trusts a person. Levi is a young man who acts older than his age and goes for what he wants. He protects Charity and he loves her with everything he has. There friends support them and lighten the mood when it is desperately needed. The villains of the book are not your cookie cutter evil just because villains, they have some really valid reasons for doing the things that they do. I loved the world that Kinney created, the description of the wolves’ compound was beyond anything that I could imagine. I really liked how the author did not make it love at first site with the H/h, she made the relationship seem realistic especially since the main characters were still in high school. The book was really well written, each scene flowed seamlessly into the next one. The obstacles that the H/h has to overcome keep the book interesting, but there are not so many of them that it becomes confusing and you need a flow chart. I did notice a few spelling errors and couple times when I switched pages on my kindle a couple of the words got left out. There was one scene that really disappointed me, but I don’t want to spoil the book so I won’t describe it. I liked the book and can’t wait to read the second one.