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Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Taryn is a shifter who can’t shift, now her father wants her to mate with a sadistic wolf so that he can form an alliance with her pack. Taryn find herself waking up not know where she is or what happened. She has been kidnapped and brought to the Phoenix pack, the alpha wants a temporary mating to get an alliance. Trey needs the alliance because now his uncle wants to kill Trey and take his territory. Taryn and Trey figure that they can control the situation, both get what they want, they didn’t count on the uncontrollable attraction that they have for each other. They both fight what they are feeling for each other and the long held beliefs that Taryn had about a boy she thought was her true love are shattered. When the battle finally comes, trust will be broken, families will be betrayed and Taryn and Trey will finally find out whether they truly are mates. Taryn is a resourceful, funny, sarcastic and strong woman. She has been mocked, mistreated and underestimated her whole life. Trey is a hot violent out of control alpha wolf. He doesn’t care what people think and he protects those around him. They get together and the sparks start flying, they fight and disagree with each other all the time. Taryn can be herself around Trey and he doesn’t put her down. When Trey goes feral Taryn is the only one who can calm him down. You can see the deep bond building between the two of them. The sex in the book is super hot and when the two of them finally admit they love each other, you need a cold shower to calm down. Feral Sins is one of my favorite shifter books ever, it had me laughing at the sarcasm, cringing at the fight scenes, crying and fanning myself. Wright has written a truly wonderful book that had me up for hours not wanting to put the book down till it was over. The book was easy to read and understand, there was no confusion during the fight scenes and I always knew what the characters were thinking or feeling. The surprises at the end had me yelling at my kindle. This book has made me a huge Suzanne Wright fan.