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Body Check - Deirdre Martin Janna is a publicist who has been hired to change the image of the New York Blades. These men are players in every sense of the word and they need to start projecting the family image or the owners may start firing people. Ty is team captain and all he cares about is winning, he doesn’t let anything get in the way. He doesn’t do romance and he doesn’t have time for the Janna. They are attracted to each other and they begin a relationship, but Ty still won’t let anything interfere with his career. Janna has to decide if she can handle Ty being gone all the time and Ty has to decide is Janna is more important to him than Hockey. Janna is a wonderful main character; she works hard and will be unconventional when needed. She also cares about her family and does not put up with peoples bull. Ty is your typical male sports star, he can get any girl he wants, and he also only really cares about hockey. Both of them take you on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the book. I loved their story and I really loved how Ty and the other players stood up for Janna’s friend. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series.