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The Secret - Julie Garwood Judith’s best friend is getting ready to have her baby and Judith made her a promise to be there no matter what. Going against her drunken uncle and her selfish mother she leaves England with the Laird of her friends’ clan. On the journey she and Iain become close, when they get to Scotland Judith makes friends with the rest of the clan. When Iain decides he wants to keep Judith they get married, but Judith has a secret, his birth father is her husbands enemy. When Judith and some of the clan get captured her secret is out. Judith is an awesome heroine; she pushes the envelope for what is acceptable for a woman of her time. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and she loves Iain. Iain is another alpha male who takes what he wants; he wants what’s best for his clan and will leave it that means changing things. When he decides he wants Judith and will do anything to keep her safe, even make an alliance with her father. I loved this book, while it is a historical novel, the emotions and struggles translate really well. The love story is believable and the secret in the story adds some tension and is eventually the big catalyst for change within the clan. The Secret is in my top ten favorite historical romance books.