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Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh Elena is a vampire born hunter, she is the best at what she does and that is why the archangel Raphael and the cadre of then have hired. They hired her to track down Uriel an archangel born of blood, so that Raphael can kill him. On top of finding a rogue archangel Ellie has to figure out how to keep the cadre from killing her when the job is done. She also has to find out if she is strong enough to handle Raphael. Raphael has to decide if being with Elena is worth becoming a little bit mortal. The heroine Elena is a born hunter, which means she can scent and track vampires. She is kick ass and doesn’t bow down to anybody. Raphael is an archangel and is used to people doing what he wants, when he wants, he doesn’t quit know what to make of Elena and her independence. He does know that he wants her in his bed. I absolutely love this book; I have read it a number of times. The supporting characters are funny and flashy. Elena friends show that she really does have soft side and that she can be hurt easily. The plotline was interesting, the book was very descriptive, parts of it made me cringe. The love that builds between Raphael and Ellie is really beautiful and heartwarming. >>>>>>>Spoiler Alert..Series spoiler, don't read if you don't want to know the end of the book. I love the scene towards the end of the book where you can see Raphael and Ellie falling to their death. Raphael refuses to let go of her and is willing to die with her. When we find out that Ellie has been turned into an angel by Raphael I nearly lost my mind. Spoiler ended