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Twice as Hot - Gena Showalter Twice as Hot is the second book in this series, Belle is planning her wedding to Rome when she gets a call that he is in the hospital and he has lost his memory. He has forgotten her and their time together and believes that he is still with his ex. They have to find the guy who stole his memory and also try to find and stop the ones who are experimenting on people and turning them into supernaturals. This book has a lot of action and the comedy is still present. The secondary characters from the last book have a bigger role in this one and we get see more of their personalities. While Belle has grown up some since the first book, I did still have a problem with how much she whined. She stills cries over the smallest things and she doesn't know how to control her emotions. I did like the book but again I had such a big problem with the heroin that it overshadowed a lot of the good parts in the book.