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Kate Douglas
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Wild Card - Lora Leigh Six years ago Nathan went on a rescue mission and was captured, his wife Bella was told that he had died. Nathan was eventually found and rescued, but he was changed so he became part of an elite force. His identity and name was changed, then a mission takes him back to Bella, he needs to protect her and keep his identity a secret. Bella was young when she met and married Nathan, she never got over her husbands death. She is a strong woman and has learned to deal with him being gone. Nathan is a big bad ex-Navy seal; he still works for the government, but a different shadowy section of it. He has to have things done his way; he also has never gotten over Bella. Nathan comes back to work a case and protect Bella, Bella knows that there is something familiar about the new man who is working in her garage. When they start getting close Bella knows that the man is husband with a new face, Noah/ Nathan fight to keep everyone from discovering who he really is. His team helps him find and take down the people who are murdering immigrants and any law enforcement that tries and find out what is going on. I liked this book, Bella and Nathan’s love was inspiring, even when Bella was told Nathan was dead she didn’t believe it. Nathan never stopped loving his Bella; he let her go once to save her. The story itself was well thought out and executed, I was surprised to find out who was really behind everything. The sex scenes were descriptive but not necessarily pornographic, they don’t overshadow the book. I really liked this book and think it is a good start to her new Elite Ops Series.