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Kate Douglas
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No More Running - Jayton Young Diana was finally able to escape an abusive relationship, but she has to live a life on the run. Her ex is a cop and anytime she gets comfortable he comes after her and hurts the people around her. She finally settles down in a small southern town with a job at a security firm. Her boss Garret knows about her past and he still wants her. When things start happening and she says she needs to leave, he decides to try and convince her to stay and help her finally confront her stalker. Diana is a strong woman, she survived years of abuse and got away when she could. While she constantly has to leave places, she still tries to make the lives of people around her better. Garret is a strong man and he is part of a network that helps women and children get away from abusive situations. He likes Diana and wants to help her, whether she decides to have a relationship with him or not. I really respected Diana, she had a rough life yet she still had hope. The story was interesting and the added twist and intriguing thrown in really surprised me. I couldn't put this book down, from the first page the last, it was wonderful.