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Blood Will Tell - Samantha Young First of all my opinion of what a young adult book and what other people think a young adult book is, is totally different. I think a young adult novel is for people 16+ maybe 15 depending on their emotional maturity level. So yes I believe that this book is a young adult book, even with the prologue describing the naked tortured woman, the screams that Eden continually hears from her fathers and cousins "play room" and the graphic descriptions in the fight scenes. Ok that being said I loved this book, yes I know after listing those things is sounds twisted, but this book was really well written. I loved how Young spent a lot of time describing the feelings of all the characters. She didn't make any of them perfect, the flaws she gave the characters made the story better. There was none of the boy meets girl and falls in love and the girl doesn't know why but she just can't live without the boy. No Eden and Noah are friends and when she finds out that he lied to her she gets pissed. She doesn't forgive him because he says he is sorry and was doing it for her own good. No she says frick you, leave me alone. Even though she is mad at Noah she still does not kill him, but its more her fighting her nature than actually forgiving him for what he did. I can't wait to read the next book to find out what happens next.