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Blood Past - Samantha Young I hide the entire review because it does have some small spoilers and I don't want to ruin the book for anybody.I know in my previous review I noted that I think young adult is for 16+, I still believe that and I am really happy to see that it was noted on the book, I just had not seen it. Ok now onto Blood Past the second book in the Warriors of Ankh trilogy, I loved it just as much as the first book. There are many new and interesting characters introduced in this book as well as several new threats to Eden. At the beginning of the book Eden is still a soul eater and she while she know she can trust the Ankh she still does not feel like she can.Eden loves Cyrus and she is very close to Valeria, but she is still mad at Noah for lying to her and she feels like he has betrayed her. They go to Scotland and we meet Eden’s mothers Neith family. The grandmother gives blood and Eden gets it transfused into her and then she starts changing to full Ankh. She has to die to do this and this is the first time that we really see how much Noah loves Eden.Eden wakes up and starts adjusting to her new status as an Ankh. She becomes friends with Tobe and starts to learn how to fight. She is still mad at Noah and trying to get over Romany killing Stellan. Then Noah and Eden’s grandmother get kidnapped by Eden’s cousin and they fly back to the states. Her cousin gives her the choice of killing Mhairi or Noah; she doesn't have to make the decision because Darius shows up and kills all the soul eaters. You got to give Samantha Young some series kudos, she knows how to write. The characters are again very believable and have a lot of depth and personality. Emotions are higher in this book than the last one and we get more romance but it does not over power the story. The book is not just a copy of the previous book with a few new problems thrown in; Eden and Noah have grown a lot and changed. An old problem gets resolved but since its not the focus of the book it does not seem repetitive. New problems keep it fresh and unpredictable. I love the book; anybody looking for a good solid read should pick this book up.