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Perfect Mate - Mina Carter Perfect mate is the first book in Mina Carters new Mate series, the army has created vampires, werewolves and zombies and now the wolves want there freedom. Lillian lives for her job as a psychiatrist and one day a man is brought into her facility with what looks like life threatening wounds. When she goes into check on him and is almost raped by one of the armies’ doctors she finds out that the man is not just a man but an alpha werewolf. He saves her then he lets the rest of his wolves free and the army sends in zombies and other men to kill them. The patient Jack knows that Lilly is his mate and he has to get her and the rest of his pack free from the hospital and find a way to save them from the government that created them and now wants to destroy them. Jack is a hot bad ass protector who takes charge and knows what needs to be done. Lilly is smart and cares for her patients but I think there she should be in the hospital and not working at the hospital. I really wanted to like this book, the description caught me right away, the book is well written and the idea of the government creating supernaturals was intriguing. The hero is hot and the secondary characters are funny and know how to kick butt. The vampire that is leading the team after them provides a nice challenge. But I just couldn't get over the fact that the heroine spent the entire time thinking about how hot the hero was and how much she wanted him. It's a romance so yes the main characters are supposed to want each other, however, the heroine is not supposed to be ready to die and start talking about the hero butt. There were so many times that Lilly started going on about Jacks body, how hot he was and what she wanted to do to him, that I just wanted to yell at her hey look around you may be dying at any second. While the premise was good and I did like most of the characters, I just couldn't get past the inappropriate timing of the comments from the heroine.