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Soul Walker (A Touched Girl Series, #1) - Robyn  Jones I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. When Anna was a young girl she had horrific nightmares, at five years old she is given a deal, no more nightmares if she stops talking. Anna keeps her end of the deal; she doesn't talk not even when her parents die on a rafting trip with her. She is rescued by a mysterious boy named Peter and has to move in with her Grandmother. Her nightmares come back, she has to start talking, deal with an off the wall family, finds out vampires do exist and they come in shades of gray. I really enjoyed this book and respect Robyn for inserting accurate and uncomfortable information in a book could have been just another YA vampire book. Anna is genuinely autistic, her parents have always been there to protect her and when they die she is left trying to find a way fit into society. You can tell that her Grandmother is uncomfortable and doesn't know how to react to Anna and while her cousin Betsy can have her catty moments her and Sara show that they love Anna. The rest of the characters in the story are mysterious, funny or just downright scary. The storyline was original and heartfelt. The writing itself was very good, the scenes fit together perfectly and the pace of the book was just right. My only problem with the book was some of the wording and terms used, it just didn't sit right with me and brought it from a solid five stars to four. Soul Walker is an original book that stands out in the growing sea of YA vampire books.