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One's True Love - Lindsey Owens Review from busymomsbookreviews.comKailee comes home one day and is told to pack her bags because she is going to be moving, not only is she moving but she is also going to be marrying some man she has never met. She isn't told why or when or even anything about her fiancée. She is whisked away to this new place that she knows nothing about where she meets Trenton. Trenton is an alpha male who is in charge of everyone else. When Kailee tries to run away she comes across a wolf in the woods just outside the house. She finds out that her fiancées and everyone else in the house is a werewolf and that her family is to. Trenton has to convince Kailee to mate with him or he will die and so will she. I loved Trenton, he has spent his whole life knowing about Kailee and how she is his mate. While everyone is trying to force Kailee to accept Trenton, he tries to protect her and allows her time to get to know him. Kailee is a good heroine, she gets thrown into these situations and while she does make some not so smart decisions, most of the time she faces things head on. She does the best that she can do with the situation she has been put into. I did like the characters and I like the descriptions of the settings. I also enjoyed how the author was able to really pull you into the book and make you feel the emotions of the characters. I had some series problems that started about halfway through the book. Things went from a nice easy flow, to really rushed and everything is happening within a very short amount of time. So as much as I enjoyed the beginning of the book and characters I had to knock off points because I didn't enjoy almost the entire last half.