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Apocalyptic Moon - Eva Gordon I received a copy of this book for my honest review4 1/2 star Dr. Dora Adler fully expects to die on her 27th so when she is bitten by a patient with the zombie virus, she is resigned to her fate. However she is immune to the disease and is transferred to another lab to be tested, while there she meets Dirk. Dirk is an alpha werewolf, he is immune to the disease and the two of them can talk telepathically. The two of them plan to escape, Dora wants to find her brother, Dirk wants to take her back to his pack. Can the two of them escape the compound full of guards, get past the zombies? Will they stay together? Will they give in to the growing attraction they are feeling or will everything fall apart? This book was really good, I loved how the author kept the book from being to serious and dark, she added a lightness that was refreshing. Dirk was a great Alpha male hero, he had that aura of authority and he was willing to fight for Dora. Dora was just awesome, she is sarcastic, determined and had attitude for days. She didn't do things just because they were easier. This book is full of action, rife with sexual tension and the emotions between the characters are sweet and real, they bring to question what's more important duty or love. Apocalyptic Moon is a great book and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book set in this world.