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Edge of Truth - Natasha Hanova This book was part of a blog tour I received an ARC for my honest reviewRena and her best friend Blaze find secret these artifacts, she thinks it will be her chance to get to Eden but Blaze gets taken by the people who want the artifacts more than Rena. With the help of Nevan her crush and new friend, they set out to find Blaze. Rena, however, has a secret she can feel the vibrations in the earth and can cause earthquakes with her emotions. This was one of those books that I read the synopsis and thought it looked kind of interesting and different, I was way off, this book went beyond kind of interesting into addictive territory. I loved how the author came up with new words this gave the book a certain quirky uniqueness. Rena poor girl was dealing with a lot and I felt bad for her. The way the author described her crush and feelings for Nevan were age appropriate, she also had problems with learning how to deal with her ability. Nevan was a nice guy and a good balance to Rena. What really made this book was the writing, the author did an amazing job of describing something little that you wouldn't think would matter, but when added all together it creates this great scene. My only problem was I needed more of a back story, there were a few missing elements that left me with a few questions when I was done. Edge of Truth is a great read that will suck you in, have you rooting for the characters and adding a new author to your favorites list.