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Amazingly Broken - Jordin Williams I am going to put this on blast because I am so unbelievable livid that the author Jordin B Williams not only did something reprehensible, but also sent me an email and asked me for a shout out for getting in the top 1,000 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Well no shit of course you did, you plagiarized two hard working best selling authors. Oh wait that wasn’t you; it was your “ghostwriter”. This is me rolling my eyes at your audacity, you want to have a ghostwriter that’s fine, but when you put your name on a book, you take ownership of it. Don’t put the blame on another person, you are the one responsible not some other nameless faceless person. So grow a pair, own up to what you did, stop trying to erase all the evidence, yes I am on Twitter and have been getting the updates. Stop changing your story, beg forgiveness from the authors, and give refunds to all the people who bought the book and apologize to the readers and reviewers who you tried to dupe.*Note no I did not read this book. http://dearauthor.com/book-reviews/the-plagiarizing-of-tammara-webbers-easy-by-jordin-williams/