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Mr. Chili Goes To School - Janet McNulty Mr. Chili Goes to School is the story of a Chili’s first day of school. He goes to school and they are making piñatas, he spills some water and the teacher slips and falls, while various other things fall as well and the teacher ends up looking like a piñata. The Chili has to spend the rest of the day in the principals’ office and feels bad about it. The artwork is wonderful in this book, the colors are very vivid and jump out at your from the pages of the book. I once again read this to both my children and the 18 month old did keep trying to get at the pictures but beyond that she wasn't interested. My 5 year old did like the story and thought that is was "very funny". I did like the story; my only problem with the book was that the Chili actually seemed to be punished for something that was an accident. Except for that little detail it was a good young children’s book.