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Kate Douglas
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Total Rush

Total Rush - Deirdre Martin Gemma is a free spirit in every sense and she is tired of waiting, so she casts a spell. It worked for her brother so why wouldn't it work for her. It works but not the way she thought it would; now she has two guys who want her. Sean is a hot firefighter; he rescues people and is ultra masculine. Gemma and Sean meet and start dating; their relationship puts a new meaning the saying opposites attract. When Gemma and Sean finally start getting close things go wrong with a fire and Sean shuts down. While Gemma tries to find out what’s wrong, Sean tries to deal with his mistakes. Gemma doesn’t care what people think about her and knows that she will never be fully accepted. Sean is a hero, but doesn’t believe that people should really share their feelings; this causes big problems in their relationship. I loved this book, Gemma is so quirky and who can resist a fireman. I liked how both of them didn’t change who they were, but worked around their differences. There were parts of the book that made me cry and it made me like Sean even more. Their story has more problems than the other books in this series. I really liked how Martin didn’t make everything easy about being a fireman and touched on some of the really hard issues that they have to deal with. Even though this book was only peripherally involved with the Blades hockey team I loved it.