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The Penalty Box

The Penalty Box - Deirdre Martin Paul is retired from the New York Blades; he goes home where he opens a sports bar. He is the hero of the town and bored out of his mind, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He gets drunk and sleeps with an old girlfriend, sneaking out of her house after her son finds him the next morning. Katie used to be the fat smart girl, she moves out of town goes to college loses the weight and becomes a hot professor. Katie comes back to help her mom with her nephew and maybe go to her schools class reunion. When Paul and Katie see each other again, they find out that they are very different people than they used to be. The two start dating while Katie tries to help take care of her nephew. An ex of Pauls tries to get between them; now that she is divorced she wants Paul. Katie doesn’t want to move back to her hometown and Paul wants to stay so he can continue being a hometown hero. While they both like each other, they have a hard time figuring out what they really want. I liked Katie she worked really hard to become the woman that she wanted to be. Even though it is not her responsibility, she changes her whole life to take care of her nephew. Paul was a annoying in the beginning, but he became less so towards the end. I did like how the author had a story of a retired player, but I had a hard time dealing with Pauls selfishness. Katie was selfish in her own way, but she has things up easier than the rest of the characters. The Penalty Box was ok, but I had a hard time reading about the drug addicted mom. While the main characters did have chemistry I think they had to try to hard to be together.