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Vampire Most Wanted
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Kate Douglas
The Master Undone: An Inside Out Novella
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Crash Into Me
K.M. Scott
Fire on Ice
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Knowing Jack
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Just a Taste

Just a Taste (New York Blades) - Deirdre Martin Vivi is trying to open her own cafe in a new city; she doesn’t plan on meeting surly chef Dante. Dante is a widow, who works at his families’ restaurant, he is not happy with Vivi opening a cafe across from his restaurant. While they are attracted to each other Dante is not interested in getting involved with another woman. He has enough troubles trying to keep his retired brother from changing everything he has worked to build. While they have great chemistry, Vivi's financial problems and Dantes' unwillingness to get emotional involved they have more problems than they can handle. Vivi is a wonderful chef and a self assertive woman, but she has serious blind spots when it comes to her sister. Dante is rude, temperamental and he has no people skills. The story is cute, but I didn’t like Dante and I really did not like how utterly clueless Vivi turned out to be. The story line was good, the struggles and heartache the characters have dealt give the story depth. I just really hated the main characters, if they were more likable I would have loved the book. However, I found myself getting mad at them more often then not, that aspect of it overshadowed everything else which made this book just ok.