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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan Eva is the princess of Demons MC and when she is five years old she meets twenty three year old Deuce the soon to be president of the Hell's Horseman. That chance encounter would change both of their lives, making them do things and act ways that they never thought possible. The first pages of this book pull you in with this youthful girl, whose life is filled with violence and yet she still has a sense of innocence and naiveté. Then you are punched in the stomach and thrown into dark places that leave your heart bleeding. Sheehan shows a dark, dangerous world where women/men are used and violence is an everyday occurrence. This life that Eva has always known doesn't really affect her until Deuce does unforgivable things and she slowly starts to break because of the choices she makes after that. No matter what happens, they keep coming together and then falling apart. Undeniable took me on an emotional roller coaster with no safety belt. When things were good it was like the climb to the top, excitement hope and a sense of nervousness. Right when you think that things will be ok, you look over the edge and are plunged into dark twisted thoughts, acts and betrayals. When the book is over you are slightly shaken and a little bit nauseous, but you want to get right back on and experience the ride again. I loved this book, the raw darkness, depravity and unashamed sexuality of the characters paints a grim tale of heartache and pain. The characters acceptance of certain aspects of their lives, the hope, drive and love of the people in the story make this a truly remarkable book.