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Scandal - Scandal is about a poet and writer Emily who marries The Earl of Blade. The two of them have been writing to each other and Emily quickly falls in love with him without even meeting him. When he comes and meets her they get married and she find out that he is not the person he portrayed in his letters and that he married her to get revenge on her family. Emily is a naive writer who believes that most people are inherently good, especially her husband. She continually talks about how she and Blade connect on a higher plane, it's actually really irritating. She keeps getting herself in troubling situations because of her naivety. Blade is a cold hard man who is only interested in destroying the people who made his father commit suicide. His only emotions through out most of the book are anger and indifference. Even when he and Emily are "connecting on a higher plane" he still seems cold and methodical. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters in the book and I found myself somewhat indifferent to what happens to them. The only reason I gave this book a four was because the writing itself was good and there where a few parts of the book that I did like. I normally really like Amanda Quicks books but this one just didn't work for me.